Have you recently purchased, or are you considering purchasing a new vehicle? Did you know that Trio Motors is qualified to be your New Vehicle Warranty Manager? By adhereing to the maintenance schedules for your specific vehicle and by acting as the liasion between you and the dealership, we can help you get the most out of your manufacturer’s warranty.

All too often, new vehicle purchasers are unsure of their rights on where to have their brand new vehicle serviced. The salesperson often uses words like ‘void warranty’, which can persuade purchasers into going to the dealership for future services, instead of returning to the shop of their choice.

As long as the shop you choose adheres to the maintenance schedules specific to your vehicle, and you are able to provide proof that all services are up to date, your warranty will not be voided.

As your New Vehicle Warranty Manager, we will check for outstanding recalls and inspect for required warranty work on your vehicle. We will even book it into the dealership on your behalf and take it there on the day of the appointment to have the recall or warranty work performed! This allows you to continue to deal with the professional and courteous team at Trio Motors.

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